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Our product and service guarantees can not be matched

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solarZero pays for the hardware installed in your home, including the solar panels, smart batteries, two-way meter, firmware, and installation costs. We then cover any and all parts and labour costs related to faults, breakages or parts wearing out for 20 years. Not to mention that as technologies improve we upgrade the software and firmware to improve performance and customer satisfaction.

Our product and service guarantees are ground breaking and can not be matched
20 Year Product and Labour Guarantee


20 Year Solar Production Guarantee


20 Year Annual Savings Guarantee

The only way we can offer these incredible warranties is by having a team of experts in-house and partnering with the best-in-class global software developers and hardware manufacturers who are as dedicated to excellence across all aspects of the business, including product quality, service, the environment, social responsibility, and corporate governance as we are.

The solarZero system

The solarZero System installed on your home is designed to provide years of exceptional performance for you to enjoy.

The system maximises potential energy savings by harnessing solar power, stored energy and cheap off-peak grid electricity. It includes an exceptionally smart battery that learns your energy usage patterns and will constantly recalibrate to ensure you maximise the use of solar energy generated in your home and cheap off-peak energy, with firmware frequently updated to improve system functionality and performance. All without you needing to invest a dollar in hardware.

Your team of energy experts & solar monitors

Your monthly subscription gives you access to some of the best solar energy minds in the country and arguably across the globe. This savvy group of Kiwi Solar engineers, electricity experts and solar monitors are working to ensure your home is using the cheaper, cleaner electricity, are getting an excellent price for your excess power, and that the system is performing as it should be.

Time-of-use power

After signing up for a solarZero subscription, we will work with you to transfer to Ecotricity and Time-of-Use-Pricing, which, when partnered with the solarZero smart battery, enables you to access the cheapest available power in your home 24/7.

    Your solarZero subscription gives you access to battery storage, so you have backup power when the grid is down.

    Backup electricity and the support you need

    When the solarZero system is installed the solarZero electrician will work with you to select the two-three circuits you want to keep powered during a blackout.  Generally, people select the kitchen and lounge rooms, which covers your Wifi, lighting, fridge, TV, and selected plugs for computers, phones, and radio. 

    During a power cut, the solar system will continue to generate electricity which will be used to power these circuits, with any excess going into the batteries for your later use e.g at night.  You can keep track of your stored energy via our online monitoring.

    We will actively monitor the system throughout the power cut to ensure you remain in the best possible position with the available energy.  With a 24/7 helpline manned by NZ-based technicians and local electricians close at hand, they are there if you experience any problems during an outage.
    s and local electricians close at hand, they are there if you experience any problems during an outage.

    solarZero smart battery

    One of the great features of the solarZero energy service is the smart battery. It's instrumental in allowing you to make the most of the energy generated by the solar panels on your roof and keeping your power bill low.

    Why you need one

    The solarZero smart battery, built in collaboration with Panasonic, will revolutionise how you power your home, allowing you to harness the power of the sun to run your home with solar energy - even when the sun isn't shining.

    The smarts of the battery is the Energy Management Unit that controls the charging and discharging of energy from the battery unit. It maximises your solar energy use, and minimises the cost of additional grid energy required.

    The 4.6 kW grid-interactive inverter creates and all-in-one premium hybrid energy system and ensures critical circuits stay on in the event of a power cut.

    Live web-based monitoring system, so you can keep an eye on how much solar you are generating, using, storing or exporting back to the grid.

    Upgrades and maintenance; one battery replacement at the end of its lifecycle. Product repairs and replacements, when needed. Regular software and service updates.

    Ongoing benefits

    Storing solar energy, and using it during peak periods reduces load on the grid, lessens the need for non-renewable energy helping New Zealand achieve its goal of 100% renewable energy by 2035.

    Charge your EV with clean, green, renewable energy at the lowest possible price.

    Key Specs

    The solarZero smart battery comes in a cabinet that also contains the inverter, isolators and energy management computer (most other battery systems have additional boxes and enclosures).

    Qualifying Aurora customers receive an extra battery to support Peak Demand Management in the area.  This has a nominal capacity of 10.8 kWh (8.6 kWh usable capacity) with a standard charge rate of 4.6 kWh and a standard discharge rate of 4.6 kWh. During a power cut, it can discharge 4.6kW but up to 6.9kW for 10 seconds if there is also solar being generated. 

    We’re here during power cuts

    During a power cut the smart battery will keep the key circuits in your home powered. Here's what you should do to maximise the service when there is a power cut in your area.

    JA Solar Panels

    We install the highest quality JA Solar, Solar Panels that feature multi-busbar PERC cells and half-cell configuration of modules to offer high power output and better performance in both hot and cold conditions, even with partial shading, they offer even heat transference and are exceptionally strong.

    solarZero is strategically partnered with JA Solar to provide the latest technology in PV panels manufactured in environmentally and socially responsible ways. Founded in 2005, JA Solar is a tier one, vertically integrated solar manufacturing company selling products in more than 135 countries.

    JA Solar has won awards for its policies around fair labour practices - they have actively relocated sources of supply away from Xinjiang to avoid knowingly or unknowingly purchasing inputs produced with child or forced labour. Their efforts to this end have been recognised through various industry awards.

    *solarZero will use alternative solar panels when necessary of the same quality.

    Goodwe Inverter

    The Goodwe Inverter is the perfect solution for residential installs, it is powerful, versatile and compact.

    Manufactured for durability, longevity and performance, our Goodwe inverter seamlessly links between the solar panels, the battery and the traditional grid.

    solarZero partnered with GoodWe brings innovation, stability, performance and quality together in an unbeatable package. Recently selected as the contract manufacturer for General Electric's solar inverter range, their track record of delivering innovative products, their experience in the Australian and NZ markets and their commitment to creating a sustainable future for the planet make them the clear choice.

    *solarZero will use an alternative inverter when necessary of the same quality.


    What do you do with Solar Panels and Batteries at the end of life?

    When our batteries are no longer suitable for residential use, Panasonic takes them back and repurposes them for use in UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) systems for commercial use. Once they reach the end of usable life, Panasonic takes care of its recycling.

    Solar Panels often perform for 20-40+ years; at the end of the 20-year agreement, customers can decide to extend their energy service agreement for a further five years, or we will remove them.


    What Sort of Technical Support does SolarZero Offer?

    • Two project coordinators.
    • Two senior electricity experts.
    • Fifteen solar engineers who are designing solar installations.
    • Six solar monitors who are monitoring the fleet of solar systems.

    I understand the angle of the solar system is critical, do you optimise the angle for our area?

    Roof angle does impact solar production, as does, roof direction, and your location. Our solar engineers will design the solar system that works with your roof angle, aspect and power needs.


    What happens when technology improves? How often is the equipment upgraded?

    Sustainability is at the heart of the company, and our brand promises we select and install products that we know will deliver outstanding results over the long term.

    Just as you don’t throw out your oven every year or even every 5 years, we utilise our equipment until it is impacting on our solarZero Guarantees. Which are: Product, Performance and Annual Savings for the next 20 years. Batteries/Inverters/Solar Controllers/Solar Monitors all will be replaced over that 20-year period at least once during that period all at no cost to you.


    What do no hardware costs mean, now or in the future?

    We pay for the solar panels, battery, inverter, two-way meter and any other “kit associated with the solar system” We also pay for repairs, faults, and breakages, including from natural disasters, and replace products that are no longer delivering the benefits set out in our agreement to you.